Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make a bath toy in 2 minutes

This craft took me less than two minutes to create and I spent a whopping $1 on sponges!
I thought the kids would love them for bathtime but they didn't even make it that far.  The kids took them outside with a bucket and played with them.  I should have put them to work washing the van.
If these instructions were not clear enough then you can visit   for a video tutorial!


Tracy said...

That is a really cute idea!! PS...I know what you mean about the no comments on posts! I know people read, but they don't let you know!
Take care,

Tracy said...

Cute bath time project!! BTW, I know what you mean by no comments on posts...People do read, but don't like to comment I guess!

Crystal said...

Well,thank you Tracy for leaving a comment! It makes it so much more worth blogging knowing someone is actually reading. The only true confirmation of that is through posted comments.
I'm glad I'm not that feels that way!
Hey, by the way you now have a chance to win that gift card! Good Luck!