Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never argue with a Woman!

On the weekend we had the chance to enjoy a quick visit with friends, at their lovely cottage.  I fell asleep on the drive there but I'm pretty sure it's just 3 km north of "The Middle of Nowhere" and 2 km west of "Where The Heck Are We".  That's according to our GPS of course!  
My goal for the visit was to relax.  I was very determined to let nothing get in the way of this goal.
When opportunity present itself I grabbed it without hesitation.
I decided I would take their small paddle boat out to the middle of the lake and read my next book club selection.
After about 20 minutes of complete serentity I felt the waves of an approaching motor craft.
The gentlemen in the other vessel nestled up beside my paddle boat and looked inside.

This was our very serious conversation:

"Excuse me Mrs.  Are you aware that this lake is a restricted fishing area?  No fishing allowed!"

"Actually Sir, I was just reading this really great book and enjoying a little bit of peace and quiet.  I had not planned on fishing at all today."

"Well, I see that you have all the equipment in your boat.  What's to say you don't cast a line as soon as I leave?"

"I can assure you I don't plan to fish today.  I can't even fathome the thought of putting a worm on a line."

"I'm just saying, I can 't be to sure you're not going to start fishing at anytime."

Very irritated at this ignorant old man I respond

"Well, if you don't leave now and stop bothering me I'll have to charge you with Sexual Assault!!!!"

"I don't understand, I've done nothing of the sort that warrants this kind of accusation!"

"Well, you have all the necessary equipment.  How do I know you're not going to use it against me at any given minute?" 

"Alrighty then!  You have a nice day"

It's never wise to argue with a woman!!!


The Whimsical Princess said...

OMG that is laugh out loud funny!! Way to think on your feet!

crystalshrinks said...

OMG I love it, you're awesome! :-p

Daphne said...